Monitoring HHB265


Monitoring of the high-speed auxiliary bridge HHB265 during a construction project on the Western Railway at km 249.322 by means of FOS (fibre-optic sensors)

Project goals:

- Design of a universal fibre-optic measuring system for 24 h permanent observation 
  of the dynamic changes in the track in the area of the high-performance bridges
- Alarm concept based on the FOS sensors
- Use of the existing fibre-optic facilities of the ÖBB infrastructure

Measurement concept:

- Measurement of the deflection of the rails with system Bendlines
- Measurement of the absolute position of the concrete foundations with system ObjectSense
- Vibration measurements during crossing with fibre-optic acceleration sensors
- Measurement of the change in inclination of the concrete foundations with FOS inclination sensors
- Camera images