① Hydrography

Perhaps you have read something or heard something on the radio about the surveying of Lake Wörthersee. Yes, we were significantly involved in this, using the most modern echo-sounding techniques to solve the diverse tasks (underwater terrain model, depth model, lake profiles, recording of the lake's internals).
But we have also been able to contribute our many years of experience to many other projects - with our own measuring boat and echo sounder, and yes, even with our own captain. And when things get more complex, we know how and where to buy in the resources.

② Explosive ordnance detection

② Explosive Ordnance exploration

During and after the Second World War, large quantities of weapons and ammunition were dumped in domestic waters. However, these relics have hardly lost their danger. Explosive ordnance surveys and GPS water soundings are particularly necessary in the course of bridge construction, hydraulic engineering and recultivation measures.
We work together with our partner EOD Austria on this

③ Shipservice

In addition to the conventional services for the investigation of the river or lake bed, we offer a ship service with our partner JDK Shipservice wherever road or rail meets river/lake for new construction or renovation of bridge piers.